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VETiS - Certificate II


The UAN session runs for approximately 3 hours, there are 2 session times available:

• 9:00am-12:00pm




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Course Description

What is the Upfront Assessment of Need? The Upfront Assessment of Need is a process designed to help you have the best chance of success in your qualification of choice. If you want to access a qualification subsidised by the government then you’ll need to complete the UAN process first. There are a few parts to the UAN and each one has a special purpose:

• The training provider will need to give you information about the qualification, expectations and requirements and discuss with you whether you and the qualification are a good fit for each other. It’s important that you get a good return on your investment in training.

• Sometimes people need a bit of support to help them manage being in training and the training provider will also be keen to have a chat about what that might mean for you and how they can assist. Life can get in the way sometimes of what you want to do but it doesn’t necessarily need to stop you.

• You will also be asked to complete an on-line assessment in reading, maths and depending on the qualification level, writing too. Nearly all adults have a strength in one area but rarely in all and knowing where there are gaps means we can help with some free additional support or training. Around half of all adults will need a bit of help, its just a fact of life.

The UAN helps you to have the best chance of staying in training and completing your qualification so you can get on with your career. It looks at your unique abilities to make sure that, where ever possible, you can access the qualification of your choice.

Course Requirements

Learner's enrolling into Electrical will be required to complete the CSPA Numeracy and Reading Assessment, while those enrolling into Engineering, Plumbing and Construction are required to complete the SRNI (Snapshot of Reading and Numeracy Indicator).

However, if ACSF level 2 or above is not reach in the SRNI those students will be required to complete the CSPA Numeracy and Reading Assessment,

Delivery Method

Upfront Assessment of Need sessions are held at PEER's Trade Training Centre in Albert Park or at one of our Partnered Schools.

Please book your UAN at the location you are looking into enrol into for your qualification.

Please bring your laptop which is able to connect to an Internet source as not all locations are able to provide access to a computer, laptop or Internet.

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